Monday, 21 May 2012

Our new additions

Introducing our newest additions to the family...pip, squeal and lucky.
My son is taking pictures of our three new guinea pigs in this photo. We only went for two but lucky was the last female of the family, so it would mean she would be left on her own. So we got her too...hence the name...lucky. Their hutch is big enough for three and they don't cost a lot to keep so we now have three!


Melanie Marshall said...

I think about you every now and then.. and today I decided to get back to my blog after a long hiatus.. I was doing a bit of editing and you can now find comments.. so I looked for yours to find your blog.. and here you are! I'm so impressed with everything you've achieved since I last visited. The garden looks beautiful. I tried to plant beans and sunflowers and allsorts this year.. a whole plot.. and only one bean survived! The slugs and snails were sure hungry. (Wish i'd learned about using pennies to deter them BEFORE they'd had a buffet!) I love all your crafts.. your felted things are so cute and your hand drawings should be sold as digi stamps - just lovely work! It appears your daughter might also carry this artistic gene from your mother, to you, to her :) I hope you are well and that you will update more.. if only for me! I will try harder to keep up to date with your blog. Useless, I know! xx

scattymam1 said...

Hi Melanie

I'm doing well, hope you and your lovely family are all well. I often think about you too and check your blog for updates. I am doing a bit of blogging today, i'm terrible at keeping updated. Anyways, keep in touch, i miss seeing your amazing Ruth x

Melanie Marshall said...

Ok, just found this! I wish Blogger had notified me! So, ignore my other comment (the one where I waffle about my sunflowers for the second time.. how bad is my memory?!)

I am so in love with your guinea pigs.. how exciting to have the young in the house. New babies without the late nights hey :) Have you decided on their names yet? I bet you was all so excited!! X

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