Tuesday, 7 August 2012

So 3 become 5!!!

So forgive me for being gone a while, we have lots to talk about. One being about our last post, we got 3 guinea pigs which was only meant to be two, but we couldn't leave one little girl guinea pig on her own...anyways so pip, my daughters favourite seemed to be getting, well, fat! Much googling later and a trip to the pet shop and the vets and yes she was pregnant. The pet shop assured us she was pregnant before they got her so nothing much could be done. So one morning when i went into the cage to check and there were two baby guinepigs all clean and fully furred trying to hobble round the bed area. Well done pip...they are about 4 weeks now and little lass is very attached to them so looks like we'll be keeping them! Here they are with their 3 mothers Photobucket

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