Monday, 21 May 2012

Making things in may

So a friend had twin boys this month and I wanted to make her a card. I found a cute cartoon picture of two peas in a pod, so I drew it, then I coloured it in with my pro markers. This will be mounted onto card with backing paper and embellishments. Then my hubby decided my pod wasn't right, so I made two more attempts. I still kind of like the first one I did, What do you all think?
So I heard some news this month about a lady from one of the play groups I go to, well her daughter is very ill in hospital. Her dad had asked anyone with kids to make her cards or pictures and that she would really respond to stuff like that. So I thought it was about time for a service project. My husband is a dab hand at modelling balloons so we ordered some from ebay and he made her a lovely bunch of flowers. I hope she liked them. I think they turned out quite nice.
I had also seen this idea on pinterest, its a 'little box of sunshine'. So I made this for the mam of the girl. The box is filled with all yellow items, i put in lemon boiled sweets, quavers, flakes, tutti frutti gum, jelly tots, yellow pop and sherbet dippers. All the yellow together looks fab. Hope it brightened their day a little.
Oh and I've been doing really well on slimming world and have made some lovely recipes. How gorgeous does this look...quorn peppered steaks with baked potatoes, with onions, peppers and mushrooms...yum yum x

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