Thursday, 22 July 2010

Julie and Julia and a lovely tea x

Last night I watched and loved and was inspired by the film Julie and Julia.

I was inspired to cook but also I was inspired and excited by the challenge that Julie had set herself (I love challenges) and am busy thinking of a challenge for myself. I would love to be a perfect house wife/mother/home maker, I would love to be like bree from desperate housewives or like anthea turner or hey let's go all out here...martha stewart!!!or even be more like my super organised mum( I can hear my mam now 'Ruth you have no systems in place, you need to have systems', I cringe to admit I now agree with her on this and most things to be honest!) hee hee at the moment though most days I feel more like waynetta slob.

So anyways I thought I'd go all out and make something different for tea, I bought camembert for starters, made chicken roulade for mains from my mam's old good housekeeping recipe book and chocolate fudge cake for dessert from jamie olivers ministry of food. So here's how it looked

The real plus though was that it tasted lovely too, Libby ate all of it so will definitely be doing this again.
Libby (who since I last blogged has broke her arm for the second time in the space of 9 months) tried her hand at grating the chocolate for the pudding, it looked good, just like the picture in jamies cook book but it was maybe a bit too gooey inside (I kind of like it that way though).

I enjoyed the planning and the cooking but tomorrow I need to concentrate on the housework. I ordered a book about organization off amazon, so I'm hoping that will help me out some. I think I have a.d.d., well at least when it comes to housework I do! I would love to get to the point that the house was so organized and tidy that it just stayed that way and I could spend my days enjoying the kids and doing hobbies instead of panicking about the piles of rubbish and the backlog of cleaning!!!

Right tomorrow = get the house straight for hubby has a whole weekend off and it would be nice if for once he could just relax and have nothing to do. Main aims=cupboard under stairs and living room, oh and our bedroom.

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