Friday, 30 July 2010

Diet starts Today!

Close-up of fruits and vegetables in a plate with a glass of milk Square

Not the best day to start as we are going to an all u can eat place tonight for my dad's 73rd birthday!!! however I love the carvery area so am just going to opt and have one plate of gammon, roasties and veggies. Soup for lunch. Will try and get myself weighed this morning in town and take my measurements. Felt motivated after watching the Bounty hunter with Jennifer Aniston and making myself sick with chinese and haribos last night. What I wouldn't give for a figure like Jennifer Anistons... think I may need some kind of help though (i.e. tummy tuck, boobs done, u get the picture).

I printed up an august and september calender yesterday by the way with a column for each member of the family in my organisation planning.

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