Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Get more organized = more time for the stuff that matters

I came to the conclusion if I can blast through the house, if I can get it decluttered and organised then I can keep on top of it and it will give me more time for the kids, for play time, for cooking, scrapbooking and enjoying ourselves. I would love to get to the point where housework was a 10min breeze each day, instead of an all day storm that never gets finished.

My book on getting organised I ordered arrived and it looks great. I have to start an organizing journal, answer questions and work through projects and tasks so I think i'll use this blog for this.

First one is looking back - When I think back to my parents and parental home my mam and dad were both very organised and never ran late for anything. My mam would always set a time to leave the house and then 10minutes before that stated time would say right it's time to go, when u replied and said but we have another 10minutes she would always say 'well, by the time we get our coats on and get into the car...' Growing up in my teenage years I was always late, the car would always be running outside and I would get several warning beeps. However now I am never late, I may run scatty whilst getting ready and rush like crazy to get there but I'm rarely late, I would love to have a calmer more organised time though and not be rushing all the time. Being on time now is my way I think of trying to be more like my own organised punctual parents, because now in adulthood I appreciate them and want to be more like them. I definitely changed my ways after my mam died, I think I might make her proud if I'm organised and live a fulfilled life because of it. I don't like being late, I feel like I'll get wrong if I am, and I don't like upsetting or annoying anyone ever so I try not to be late.
  • My Goals - I will continue to be on time for everything but I will be able to get ready slowly and calmy instead of rushing and panicking having first got things organised
  • I will free up more time for the children, their learning and fun, and my hobbies, so I can pack more 'life' into our lives
  • I will be so organised I will have time to start up a career in writing and make enough money so that norman can work less

Where my time goes: looking after children, school runs, reading, spending time on hobbies, time on internet, housework, shopping and errands, entertaining children, cooking meals.

I need to spend less time on the internet and doing housework, and spend more time with norman and doing things I enjoy. Have time to do my writing course I started years ago. I would like to have earlier nights because I feel like I've had enough 'me' time instead of staying up late to try and feel like I had time to myself today. I need norman and libby to help around the house a bit. I need to make mondays and tuesdays writing nights as norman is at football those nights.

Tomorrow I have to create a calender (the one we have is not helpful) and find an accessible place for it. Then I'll be working on the kitchen, but for today that's a lot of things analysed. Indeedy.

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