Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Teacher gifts

So it's getting to that time of year where teachers presents have to be bought.  I personally appreciate all the teachers have done for my children but I want to give gifts that are nice but frugal.  I've made some presents in the past and they have gone down well.  I'm sure teachers like getting chocolates, smellies and wine but they must end up with a lot.  I like to come up with something a little different too.  This year I'll probably still buy choccies but with it I'm going to add a teacher bookmark.  Made from felt, very cheap to do and cute too.  I've been making apples and I'm also going to do some owls and add 'THANKYOU for making me wiser' on the packaging.  I'll post photos of the packaging I'm going to come up with later but here's some pictures of the bookmarks and some other bookmarks I have done.  I also did horses for my daughters birthday party bags.  Easy to do and promotes reading, everyone needs a book mark.

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