Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday 23rd June 2013 -money saving and money making

We have been so blessed, and I'm so thankful.  After the shock of my hubby being made redundant landed he was so lucky to have been offered a job after as little as 3 weeks.  I've never seen someone work as hard to get a job either.  I'm truly blessed with a hard working husband.  We cut back on everything when the redundancy happened but I feel we should always be frugal and watch our money.  Who knows when this could happen again, hopefully never again.  Everything costs a fortune since the recession.  Here are some of the ways I save money and make money

🌟I started doing all my shopping at aldi

🌟I meal plan and down brand on my shopping

🌟I make gifts for birthdays and Christmas

🌟car boot sales

🌟sell things on eBay, gumtree

🌟use freecycle

🌟shop at charity shops, jumble sales, etc

🌟do market research surveys to earn vouchers to put towards Christmas

🌟point schemes like nectar, boots advantage and run a cash back account online

🌟generally do without myself, I rarely buy clothes for myself or go out 

🌟run a vegetable plot in my garden

🌟I always ask myself when this a need or a want 

I'm sure I do many more things also but these are just some of the things off the top of my head.  

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