Sunday, 9 June 2013

Star wars themed birthday gifts

So I find it really hard shopping for interesting and unique gifts for the men in the family, gifts that won't break the bank.  It's usually smellies or DVDs, very boring.  I decided for my brothers birthday this year that I would do something star wars themed.  When I searched nothing cheap came up.  It seems star wars  memorabilia is on the up and up.  I did find a tshirt that was only about a fiver on eBay so I bought him that with some eBay credit I had.  I've been doing a lot of bookmarks lately so I found a template for an r2d2 one that was very intricate and a lot of hard work but it came out fab and cost nothing as I had all the materials already.  I needed a book of sorts for the bookmark so I found a black notepad at the pound shop for a pound, haha who'd have thought it eh...and a friend kindly printed up a vinyl sticker saying star wars for free that turned a plain notebook into a star wars notebook.  All this teamed with some of his fave sweets came to about £6.50.  Very cheap but I think it all looks like it could have cost more, what do you think?

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