Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Progress on the garden front

So my garden is coming along brilliantly, we've already easten pea pods, radishes and strawberries and i've just harvested a bucket of potatoes the other day. Just to remind you where it started here is a picture I took about 2 months ago
and here's the garden now Photobucket


Melanie Marshall said...

Oh my goodness! This looks amazing! We planted a load of flowers and beans but only the beans took. It was a bit disappointing but we're brand new to this - so better luck next time I guess! Right after the seedlings shot up, we had those terrible storms too!

Your garden is coming along amazing - must feel great to be so self sustainable ;) x

P.S - Did you get my message a few weeks back?

Ruth Dempsey said...

I did but I only seen it yesterday...if u go back and have a look I left u a comment after your comment :D

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