Wednesday, 31 August 2011


It's never too early to get prepared for christmas, and for the last two or three years I've followed the grand plan on to get myself organised for the festive season. It's not just about the gift buying, it's about having the house cleaned top to bottom, everything stocked up and ready for dinners, parties, etc; and all the gifts sorted as early as possible including hand made gifts. I love it when i'm all organised like this and then i can hibernate over the winter period, especially the christmas holidays. The year I was expecting my little boy all pressies where bought and wrapped by the end of september as he was coming along in november! crazy some people may say, crazy but organised, therefore I am calm and unstressed which makes for some happy holidays. I hate shopping 1. in bad weather 2. With babies in prams and 3. in the christmas chaos where everyones freaking out and bumping you all over. We as a family like to visit the metrocentre at christmas solely to laugh at the freaking out and walk around chilled and enjoy a nice meal out knowing we are all sorted for christmas.

This year because of moving however my shopping will have to be made a little later this year, octobers pay packet will have to do the majority of the shopping as we have had to pay for a new bathroom and a new garage roof. This is very late for me though so I intend to have my lists and I will do one day where I visit some toy shops and the rest will be done all at once online. I'm thinking probably amazon, so that I don't have to have millions of deliveries too.
I love handmade gifts and am getting together with some friends tomorrow to get some ideas going and hopefully learn a bit of sewing. I am also browsing the charity shops for cheapo gifts too.

I will definitely be making cards this year and some mini scrapbooks. Here are some of my cards I made a couple of years ago. They are quite basic and I am so much better than that now. Also here is a picture of my reindeer flannels. I made these for little lasses nursery teachers one year and they loved them. I've also made shabby chic signs for teachers too, they have cost nothing to make as I have already had the materials for them.

So the first week of the grand plan is list week. I have this week to make a christmas planner (which I half did last night), make all the list suggested like for example food lists, gift lists, etc; and then you have to thoroughly declutter and clean the porch (which I have done). I just need a couple of mats at the front door and a shoe tidy for keeping wet wellies on and stuff and then I'll be ready.

Ooh I made this box one year and am yet to finish it, inside has a book for photos!

I love this picture of little lassie.

Oh and here's a close up of our tree, my hubby is disney obsessed so we have a tree of grolier disney ornaments, this is the only one I could find so I'll try and dig out some more!

Here's another one I love of little lassie and titch last

Happy planning everyone. Anyone else think the planning is the best bit? :-)

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Anonymous said...

Aw Ruth, you've made me soooo excited for Christmas reading this. I love all those things you've made (those cards are not basic!. You will have to show me how to make everything! Plus a kick up the backside to get organised! Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me, i love it!

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