Sunday, 28 August 2011

Things just got exciting...

I read loads of blogs and am always looking for new blogs to read. A few new blogs came about this week and i'm going to mention a couple of them as they have got me all excited about blogging again. They've also got me excited about other things too, crafting, being thrifty, setting goals, but mostly just about being myself and enjoying being a stay at home mam/ housewife.
The first blog i have to mention is that of a good friend who i have grown up with. We've know each other for years, since we were born really. I hadn't seen her for years and then we cross paths again for one reason or another. We start chatting on facebook, etc; and i come to realise we have loads in common. I thought i would love to read a blog written by this mam and she has started one, it's going to be great and already is right up my street. Read this blog at:

The other blog i found is so honest and familiar, it's a great read. I loved the article she wrote where she posted a photo of a room that some would call messy but some would call lived in. I clicked the follow button when i read that she often gets comments about her being a single mam with two children very close in age, people say to her "wow you must have your hands full" to which she replies "if you think my hands are full you should see my heart". Such a beautiful sentiment, fab blog at :

So lets see if i can stay true to my word and get back into more regular blogging, there seems a point to blogging when you think someone might actually be reading.

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You made me cry! Thank you xx

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