Saturday, 3 September 2011

Turning into your mams

I spent the evening with some friends last thursday night. Some of who I've known since they were born and after not seeing them for some time it was amazing to see how much they've turned out like their mams. I mean they both look kind of like their mams but it was more the way they spoke and their mannerisms and stuff. Sometimes if i shut my eyes it would of been like their mams were in the room. I got to wondering if anyone thought I was like my mam in any way. It would be the ultimate compliment if anybody thought I was. It's funny as well because when you're younger that's the last thing you want is to turn into your mam but when you get to my age it's what you aspire to. It got me thinking of what things I can do to be more like my mam. I've grown up to have a lot of the same likes and hobbies but housework wise and being organised I'm just not up to scratch on. I need to do more for other people too as she loved serving others and spent a lot of time doing that. I'll keep trying though :-)


Anonymous said...

aw Ruth you are wonderful! i know i'm definately not up to scratch with my mam too when it comes to housework and definately not being the dreaded o word - organised. You know when i was in young womens i looked up to you out of all those young women. I felt great when i got to wear one of your ball gowns! Sometimes i think you dont even realise when your serving others. You served me through breastfeeding and Jacobs sleep. Thank you for all your advise! I can't wait to see you on Thursday! Love you Hun! xx

scattymam1 said...

Ahh i just read this today, ahh thanks hun, love you too, the adlingtons will always have a special place in my heart xxxx

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