Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Another project alongside the jamie oliver project will be to sort out my scrapbook stash before our move. I need to get rid of some of it too. So tonight I VOW to sit and sort through it. Bin, stash or sell. I have too much stuff. While sorting through this stuff I also vow to do one page or one project as I need to rediscover my fave hobby, it's good for me xx

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Melanie Marshall said...

I've not been in blog land for a long time now so it was AWESOME to get a comment from you.. especially just to link me back up to your blog :)

Yeh.. baby number 3 and our last one. For the first time ever I don't know the sex! I'm loving being pregnant, being a mum.. it's the best job in all the world. How is your life going? I need an update on the kids, the house.. everything! :)

We have Jamie's 30 minute meals book and we cook from it all the time! It's the TV series that makes me cook.. I have tried loads of new things like celeriac remoulade and piri piri chicken! The only thing is, it's SO expensive!

I SO need to sort out my stash too. I think everyone is.. I wonder if it would even sell these days.. let me know how you get on with that! Do you craft anymore? I'd love to see your work ;)

Don't disappear.. I need answers and updates and more cute pictures of teddies in skates. Emily likes to fill handbags full of things.. random things she collects.. We should so scrapbook this shouldn't we?


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