Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I did it!

I walked and ran 10k for the race for life in honour of my mam. We've been saying we'll do it for a couple of years but this year we did it. Me and my sis in law caroline. It took me an hour and a half and it hurt. My amazingly fit sis did it in 1 hour 6 mins, which is fab. More importantly though we raised money for cancer research. My mam fought cancer for 4 years, and there was so much help and research into breast cancer, it was when the cancer spread to other parts of the body that there seemed there was no more hope. That's why more money for more research is still needed.

It was a great event and was nice to have the family all there. The kids are getting excited to do their mini great north run event in september. Better get training for that, i can see my little girl sprinting that one xxx

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