Saturday, 3 April 2010

Project Easter - Libby's Garden

Right one job that was deeply hidden in the list of procrastinatable (I think I made that word up but I like it) jobs is the garden. When the good weather comes the trampoline goes up which turns the lawn under it to mush. The rest of the lawn is destroyed by the dogs digging,wee and poop which means the bairn can't play on it. I thought we should dig it all up and then cover it with decorative stone which would
1/ save so much time in tidying, mowing, etc (= more time for the kids and scrapbooking!!)
2/would be so much cleaner, the dog can't trail in the mud from her digging, and the poop will be clearly visible therefore will be easier to see and get rid of instead of poop that gets lost in the grass (excuse all the dog poop in this story but it is necessary so u get the full mucky picture).
3/The bairn will actually be able to play on the garden as we normally have to keep her off the dog's grass.

The bottom of the garden is going to be her very own fenced in secret garden where the dog can't get in, and she can decorate it with all the windmills and animals, etc she loves. We get them from home bargains and the pound shop so they didn't cost much either.
Of course this all had to be done as cheaply as possible as I am a budget queen and has so far cost about 70pounds, handy having a husband who works for a builders merchant, discount and expert advice has been on hand luckily.

So following are some before photos to put me to shame and then what we have done so's saturday morning and it WILL be finished by the end of the day

Here's the culprit

So to save money we did all the legwork ourselves, here it is in progress

more photos to be posted later in the day, the stones are down and it's looking fab, I love the feeling you get when a long awaited job is nearly done.

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