Monday, 29 March 2010

WOO WOO, First post.

Well I told you all I was going to get on with things, I've finally done it. I have finally created a blog, which I'm sure will thrill me very much and probably nobody else but I have procrastinated doing this for soooo long now. So during an unscheduled nap of my 4 month old this very afternoon, I said to myself 'oh, look there's that thing with buttons I waste lots of time on, why don't I do something constructive on it for a change', so I have created my own little page. So raise your glasses to many action packed non-procrastinating posts to come.xx

Projects for this week are...the garden, scrapbooking and easter fun for the this space.


Melanie Marshall said...

Hey sweetheart!!
You're very lucky to catch me on as i'm just about to move into a new house and am packing like crazy :) It's SO good to see you!!
I love your blurb on the blog info and it's pretty much how I have felt for the past year.. no more obsessive forum posting and living my life online.. my kids are so precious to me and I don't want to miss a second.

Talking of kids.. i'm so elated you had your baby and everything was alright.. I just cant believe he is here! If you get time, i'd love to pop back and see him on your blog sometime ;)

It's so good to see you feeling positive and enjoying your life.. thanks for stopping to visit.. i kinda missed you ya know ;)

Mel xx

Melanie Marshall said...

forgot to say.. get well soon, poor Libby! What are kids like eh!!

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