Monday, 6 February 2012

A little bit of blogging and setting the world to rights.

I have promised to blog more often. I like blogging even though i'm pretty sure only two people are reading this. I feel like a weight is lifted when i've recorded my thoughts and goals here. Its a place to set myself right and to plan how i'm going to move forward.

Frugalness is on the cards today:

I just can't believe the cost of food right now. I made a menu plan last week and went shopping at asda, did about a weeks shopping including a few treats for the kids and a bkx of nappies and it came to £110 and that was 'after' putting a few things back. I feel lately like setting a budget is useless as there is no way i can stick to it just because the prices of stuff. This recession has a lot to answer for.

However, i will try and cut down cost of meals somehow. forums have a lot of good ideas. I normally just use them for cheap meal ideas but i think i should visit the site and keep an eye on the groceries boards, the ones that tell you when certain supermarkets have stuff on offer. I asked some girl friends last week what cheap meals they all cook...didn't realise how big a laugh that would turn lovely lady does hot dogs and baked beans mixed into sis in law nearly split her seams laughing at that one, hence i don't think she fancied it...what can i say - different strokes for different folks (hee hee)

We've had the birth of a new cousin this weekend and there are loads more babies due so i need to work on sewing some gifts to save some money. I have all the supplies to make a rag quilt and i found a tutorial on pinterest. Just need some batting and some time to sit at the sewing machine to see if i can still use it.

My next post will be some stuff i've made lately. I promise xxx

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