Friday, 30 December 2011

Nearly 2012...

So its nearly 2012, time to look over the last year and set goals for the coming year. I guess the biggest thing over the last year was moving house. I've realised it takes a long time to unpack, settle in and to get organised. You have to find new places for things and you realise you need more storage. So in 2012 i aim to become freakishly organised. I aim to be fantastically frugal this year. I need to lose this weight once and for all. I want to continue my crafts old and new, my scrap booking but also now my sewing. Later on in the year i'll be able to restart work on the garden and finally grow our own vegetables, etc. So thats plenty to be getting on with as well as being a mam to two highly active young un's. So where to start...i purchased cynthia townley ewer's 'cut the clutter' and i'm working through that book, taking notes and starting to actively declutter. I will make more gifts this coming year, the gifts i made this year did go down well but i need to make more time for it all this year.

IDEA: birthdays for kids over the next daughters always being invited to parties of school friends and it can get quite expensive...if i can make some kids aprons, i have discovered fabric glue, i plan to glue the kids name onto the apron, add a wooden spoon tied with a ribbon and a cake bake pack ( can get these from as little as 29p-59p at home bargains), this would be a lovely personalisd present for as little as a pound x

IDEA: start making birthday cards now and store in a file so that when a birthday comes i have a card ready instead of getting into a mad rush to produce something worth sending

IDEA: to start towards the majorly organised freak that i want to be i'm going to create a pretty but practical family control center or in other words an area with the family calender, weeks meal menus and a note board. Need to find say 4 ornate frames that i'm going to paint, then fill two with cork for pins to go in and two with wipeable plastic fronts for wiping. Will photograph this when i am done, very excited to do all this. Hope it works, as at the moment i am lazy, unorganised, unmotivated, messy and scatty!!! Eek, i have a lot to do, hee hee x


Melanie Marshall said...

oh AWESOME sauce!!! I am back here.. on your blog.. and I have found you!!! I was wondering how you was doing but my other laptop had a hard drive failure so I lost all my links.

Your last post (which was 22 days ago matey.. sort that out!!) sounds SO like me. I'm raring to go this year.. my christmas and well.. my life would be so much easier if it was more organised. Less c lutter! Unfortunately I tend to spend more time perusing organisation on pinterest than organising itself haha!!

How have you been sweet - missed you too!!!

scattymam1 said...

Lol, i do that, i search organisation on pinterest and then drift off into the crafty realms. I am fine, good to hear from you pet x

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