Friday, 4 June 2010

Popcorn for breakfast

So I'm not even going to mention how bad I have been at blogging (and prove how bad I am at procrastinating) and just jump straight on in here.
Well we did finish the garden which I will post piccies of later, but we are still waiting on any news of moving...I guess it's a long process. Its starting to get somewhere again now thankfully so I hope it won't be long. Scratch that- I KNOW it won't be long now :-) need to be more positive to bring positive things to us. I'm so excited to be moving soon, I've never felt at home here, and have started hating this house, I hope we fall in love with our new house and have a better time there.
The reason for the title is it's half term and me and my darling little girl had popcorn for brekkie the other day...well why not I say.
When I heard we would be moving I didn't want to get too excited and start packing so I decided to sort the loft, a horrific job, why do we toss things up there, like we think its some sort of Bermuda triangle that the things will just disappear up there and that we'll never have to deal with those things again! So every free moment I have(which are few) I've been sorting, putting rubbish out, I have a load of stuff to take to a car boot and the rest of the stuff I've been taking to my dads to store in his loft until we get moved, therefore less to move on moving day. So hopefully this will be a massive job out of the way which will mean less work for me and hubby.
Ooh and I joined weight watchers and have lost 11pounds in 3 weeks :-)
I think at the end of each post I'll start setting goals for myself and report on them on my next blog post (Saturday) whilst keeping harmony betwixt husband and children in this mad hot heat I WILL finish the loft and have all car boot sale stuff ready for Sunday and I will post pictures of the garden done and the scrap booking layouts I have done lately. AND I WILL NOT PROCRASTINATE X

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