Sunday, 6 June 2010

Car bootie

Well we made a hundred pounds at the car boot sale and in the rain too. Better still a car full of stuff has gone out of our house - fantastic. Better still again, Libby loved it and had her own little stall of toys and her own bag to collect the money in. Her chatterings were priceless especially when she announced one of her toys was 40pounds!!! and one was 8pence!!!!!!!!!we had to teach her to smile even at the people who passed her as she couldn't understand why some people were not looking at her toys and was giving them very cross looks?!?!? she got into the swing of it anyway and she enjoyed it. I also bought a little activity table for Jack for a pound, they are normally 30/40 pounds so bargain I say. I feel so much lighter now its all gone :-) Clothes and cuddly toys that were left have gone to the charity bins too. A good day and thanks to the men in my life for all their help xxx


Melanie Marshall said...

Hey honey!!
I've been looking for your blog for bloomin' ages but I forgot to save it in my favourites.. ARGH!! So glad i've got you back now.. YAY!!

How's everything going... moved yet? I don't envy you that job.. haha!!


scattymam1 said...

Nope we supposedly sold 8 weeks ago as well!!! I don't know what's going on, fed up already. But I WILL get moved by the summer(I have to keep telling myself that) - if it's the last thing I do. Need a plan of attack me thinks.

Melanie Marshall said...

Sounds like a new blog post to me.. a list of goals you aim to achieve laid out week by week with a deadline date.. i'll be egging you on!

Can't wait to see your new layouts :D

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