Tuesday, 10 April 2012

getting organised...slowly but surely

So i have this space in my kitchen where i decided to have a little organisation centre going on.

I wanted to have a weeks menus up, a cleaning rota, a pin board and a calender.
What I did:
1. I found an old picture frame with a glass front. I used one of my fave scrapbook papers to jazz up the frame and i did a cleaning rota and a weeks menu plan behind the glass so that I could use a wipeable pen to change the menu plan for the week and tick off the boxes on the housework plan, etc;
2. I bought a 50p calender from wilkinsons
3. I also bought a cheap cork and wipeable board, anything i need to deal with can be pinned to the cork board. Messages or things i need to buy can go on the wipeable board.

And the end result is...

I am slowly becoming more organised. I await the day when someone comments on how organised I am...its one of my ambitions in life to have people say that about me...i have a bit of work to do first though, I think (Ha Ha a lot of work).

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