Tuesday, 19 July 2011


6 things i am thankful for today

1. My kids and their unconditional love for me. Their love of life and their love for each other x
2. My husband, his hardworking attitude which means i can be a stay at home mam and don't have to go out to work.
3. My parents. My mam and dad worked hard to be financially sound so that they can do more for us, their kids and grandkids. My dad does so much to help and my mam is such a great role model for me.
4. My friends, wish i could see more of them as i have some of the bestest friends a girl could hope to have x
5. My home, i love our new home, the house itself, and the area it's in, i have lovely neighbours who have made us so welcome.
6. Books...i love to read, anything and everything. I love how you can lose yourself in a good book and i love how books enrich my childrens lives. Libby loves reading, you can never get enough books. My amazon wish list is bulging at the seams ;-)

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